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How to Maintain a Winery: It Starts with Your Vineyard

How to Maintain a Winery: It Starts with Your Vineyard

Before you create high-quality wines, you must first be able to keep your vineyard in its top shape. After all, where else can you get your main ingredient in producing delicious wine? Today we will look at the different means used to maintain a winery, including having the best zero turn mower, how to set up and canopy as well as tree management.

The vineyard is the place where you grow grapes, which you will later use in making your wine. Thus, it’s only natural that you take care of it. While not all vineyards are the same and they can’t be treated in the same manner, there are rules that could guide you in how to maintain it. Here are some tips you can use.

Keep A Well-Manicured Vineyard

It will not do if you have a vineyard with weeds growing everywhere. These will surely affect the health of your vines. Though little weed would not be able to cause much harm, those that touch your growing shoots or in the fruiting zone will surely ruin your harvest. Try to control the growth of weeds with zero turn radius mower. This mower is known for its ease of use and durability. Thus, it’s perfect for your needs.

Aside from weeds, you might also want to protect your vineyard from cold air, which, when accumulated, will reach young shoots. A clean vineyard will do the trick. If your vineyard is located in a frost-prone area, it’s best that you plant it down to bare soil. Since frost helps in moving water down the hill, you don’t want anything to block its way.

Plan An Effective Canopy Management

Since there are many trellising styles, you might be confused as to what will work best with your canopy. But the guidelines are actually quite simple. The denser the canopy, the more vegetative flavor you can expect from it. To find the taste that suits you, experiment on how many leaves plucking you need to do.

When doing leaf plucking, remove more leaves on the east side than on the west side as you can use the leaves as a protection from the heat of the sun. Also, try to safely open your canopy to the sun and the wind. That way, it’ll be exposed to less risk and get better coverage when you spray it.

Maintain Good Balance

Ask any viticulturists, and he’ll tell you that balance is the most important factor in maintaining the health of your vineyard. With good balance, the vineyard will be able to react better with the environment and the soil. The recommended leaves to cluster ratio are 12-15 leavers per cluster. However, you can experiment on this, too.

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