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How to Set Up Your Own Restaurant in a Winery

How to Set Up Your Own Restaurant in a Winery

There are more ways than one to fully optimize wineries. Aside from selling wines and accepting visitors on your vineyard, you can also organize wine tasting and eating. To make the latter possible, you can set up your own barbecue area, complete with a great propane smoker, or a restaurant at the winery. But how can you do it? Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Decide Where You Want To Put The Restaurant

A restaurant at the entrance or exit of the winery might be the best position as it can invite more people. A restaurant inside the winery can create a better mood and might be more intimate just like styling the perfect home. Whichever position you choose, make sure that the space is enough for your estimated number of daily visitors.

Step 2: Process The Papers

Since you’ll be conducting wine tasting inside the restaurant, you need to have a liquor license. Liquor licenses vary for each drink. You can get one solely for wines. However, if you’re planning to serve other drinks, then you can get a license that can cover all alcohol.

Step 3: Buy The Necessary Equipment

Your restaurant would need ice bins, coolers, liquor wells, wine racks, glass racks, etc. But if your wine storage is near the restaurant, you might not need a dry storage. Make sure that your cooler is big enough to hold all your drinks. You might also want to consider getting kegs and beer towers.

Since you’re not only setting up a bar, you must also need equipment for your restaurant. Fill your kitchen with top class cooking equipment. If you’re planning to serve barbecues and other grilled dishes, then having a large gas smoker installed is highly recommended.

Step 4: Use Proper Lighting To Create Appropriate Mood

Don’t overdo lighting. It should be subtle– not too dark as to blind customers or too bright as it will not complement the winery’s general mood. You can use track lighting with dimmer switches so you can adjust the light according to what time of the day it is.

Once you’ve set up your restaurant, don’t forget to promote your wine. It’s one way you can gain loyal customers. Also, you can hold special events in the place once in awhile.

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