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Our Experience in the Vineyard: The Pain and Joy of a Worker

Our Experience in the Vineyard: The Pain and Joy of a Worker

Though our winery at Kientzheim is still relatively young, we have spent considerable time taking care and growing it. And our experience, the success, and struggles, is something we’re not likely to forget. From relaxing on my favorite recliner, to the painfully early mornings we’ll share to you how we work at the vineyard in summer.

By this time, our job was pretty simple—to remove leaves from the vines. We were told that this important to expose the vine to the sun and reduce the risk to catch a disease, thus ripening the fruit the right way. Then, when it was finally time for the harvest, we helped in picking the fruits.

When you think about it, these jobs were not hard. However, if you wake up early in the morning (6am), start bending down over the vines early and end after 7 hours of working, you’ll feel the strain on your body, especially on your lower back. However, don’t get us wrong. We were having fun! Also, we have a break in between those 7 hours.

During our break, all the workers would gather and sit on recliner chairs set up at the side of the vineyard. We would talk and share stories. But sometimes, when the day is especially hot, we would just sit in silence and enjoy our drink. I love the recliners in the vineyard.  It supports my back just right, so it helps my body regain its posture. I think it’s the reason why I love the breaks a lot. Aside from hearing new stories, and learning more about the winery, I also get to unwind my body. At the weekends, when it’s our break, we would sometimes just go to the vineyard to sit on the recliners and watch the vines. It surprisingly calms us down.

After the break, we would go to work once again. After getting a good rest for my back, I would usually start again with more enthusiasm. Then, we would end our work at around 1 pm. We would go to lunch at a nearby cafeteria. There were also days when we will get lunch boxes and eat our meal at the recliners.

By now, you might think that my favorite thing in the vineyard is the chair. Well, it’s one of them. There are a lot of wonderful people in the place, and we’ve seen so many things and learned a lot of new lessons every day. Our main motivation is that at the end of our hard work is the production of a delicious wine.

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