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A Review of Our First Produced Wine

A Review of Our First Produced Wine

During our first wine tasting, we’ve invited some wine enthusiasts, and we’re happy that a lot of them graced us with their presence.

The first wine we’ve created, though not mastered yet, is Kientzheim 20. We have our own vineyard, so we grow our own fruit. However, other ingredients are imported elsewhere. Once the fruit is harvested, we send it to the wine making department where it will be mechanically pressed. It will then undergo fermentation, clarification, and finally aging and bottling. For our first wine, it’s stored in the barrel for 20 years.

In making the wine, we’ve used a darkly pigmented fruit, which we concentrated and integrated into good proportion with light toast and cocoa powder. While making it, we hoped that it would show an easy counterbalance of flavors and provide freshness with deep flavors.
After interviewing some of the attendees in the wine tasting event, we’ve happily earned some good reviews and some points to improve its taste.

“It has a brooding sweetness and camphor in it. Kind of like Shiraz, but not quite. The aroma lets you know the taste even before you take a sip.” – Andrew

“The wine is chewy, substantial, and I’d like to say that it has a firm note of acidity. But it’s the sweetness that won me.” –Franco

“I could appreciate the way they balanced the sweetness and acidity. However, it’s not there yet. For the first try, it’s good enough. Also, if they’re really planning to sell it at a small price, I’d say that it’s worth trying.” – Michelle

“This would appeal to the masses. It’s not only because of the price, though it’s a factor, too. The taste is something that most people would appreciate. I’m looking forward to more of this winery’s products.” – Julio

We hope to create a better wine in our next harvest.

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