Vins et Crémants d'Alsace

About Us

If you are on this site, then you must be an avid fan of wines. Well, it is known that wines are made by fermenting fruit juices, grapes for instance. Its first production is evident way back in 6000-5000 B.C in the archeological sites of Russia and Georgia. From then, wines are used as a special drink in special occasions.

Wines give the drinkers a different feeling and satisfaction after consuming it. That is why, as years passed by, the wine industry has become more and more popular. It spread globally with almost all of the continents of the world. But its production is known to be in the European countries, France for example.

How We Came to Love Wines

We were just like other groups of friends who liked to travel. However, when we arrived in Kientzheim for the first time, we tasted the best wine we ever had in our life.

Kientzheim is a wine-growing village which can be found in between the popular places in France called Kaysersbeg and Riquewihr. This village is known for their wine-yards, half-timbered houses, and even privately owned castles. In the 16th century, the Kientzheim village belonged to a general and diplomat of the Roman Empire in the name of Lazarus von Schwendi. After his war with the Turks, he brought to the Alsace region of France, and into Kientzheim a new variety of wine called Tokay. Using the Tokay vine, this eventually led to the production of a high-class Alsatian wine.

A wine museum called Musée du Vignoble et des Vins d’Alsace (Museum of Alsatian Vineyards and Wines) can be found inside the village, too. The museum was brought to reality in June 1980 through the hustle of the St. Stephen’s Brotherhood (Confrérie St Etienne). Inside the museum, we saw how the wine-growers do the art of making wines including other professions that produce the things they are using the barrels and glasses. The museum was built to create a place for the love and glory of Alsatian wine. We found the place to be very interesting.

Why We Built this Site

In Kientzheim, we found a new interest in wines. We learned a lot of things there and wanted to share them with other people. So, on this site, we will share what particular works are wine keepers, and makers do to maintain their wines. Also, this site will give you how the winery workers end their day with relaxation due to their demanding jobs at the winery and how they produce wines. This site will also give you a quick tour on how the winery in Kientzheim produces their high-quality Alsatian wines. There are a lot of other articles like this. We hope that with this site, you’ll also find a deeper love for wine.